Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the Murder of Vincent Foster

Possible Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh "is part of the ongoing cover-up of the murder of the [Clinton] White House deputy counsel" Vincent Foster. So charges researcher and journalist Hugh Turley. In this explosive video, learn how the Swamp operates in bipartisan fashion to cover up crimes, including murder, and how Deep State agents are deployed to intimidate witnesses and alter evidence. Turley worked with AIM's Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid on this case for years, only to face a cover-up from the liberal AND conservative media.

A must see video summary of the evidence - citing official files. Asking questions about this case is what caused Mike Rivero of to be kicked out of Hollywood.


Bush Supreme Court Candidate Kavanaugh Covered Up Vince Foster Death

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