Thursday, April 26, 2018

Rep. DeSantis reacts to newly released anti-Trump FBI texts - Q-ANON UPDATE 4/26/2018 #RELEASETHETEXTS We are Winning!!!

Rep. DeSantis reacts to newly released anti-Trump FBI texts

A sampling of how people are thinking and feeling...

Drop D 47 minutes ago
Saving emails to drafts and sharing the account. That is some sneaky sneaky stuff. Shows intent.

Jim Taylor 24 minutes ago
The more news I hear ...the more I feel like I live in a 3rd world nation ...where everyone is for sale ...if justice has scales both sides are filled with cash ...How deep and wide is the corruption?

Truthification Chronicles 10 minutes ago
About 70% of our government. Although some of the lower levels have made deals because they were forced into it because of threats on them or their families. This is why some who have seen the Gmail drafts are demanding immediate arrests and others are seeing this as a huge constitutional crisis.

Matthias Harle 34 minutes ago (edited)
I tell you why, those texts are incomplete. They had a plot to assassinate POTUS. The DOJ doesn't know how to bring that into the public, they are scared.

jeanie allen 27 minutes ago
We the People we the Patriots we the taxpayers are sick and tired of the BS you keep beating us and why you can't get all the documents oh my God doesn't take a brain surgeon we want all the documents release not only that we want sessions fired we Mueller fired Rosenstein fired get them the hell out of our White House that's not just you all White House Dennis the people's White House everyone I talk to is angry I mean really angry whole back on the JFK papers till 2021 start taking a poll of how many angry Americans you have we want the truth about everything to come out and we wanted out now do your jobs we paid you for

jeanie allen 19 minutes ago 
You want a civil war do something to our president and see what happens y'all


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