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RESPONSE: Paul Manafort Worked For Billionaire On Vladimir Putin's Behalf | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Paul Manafort Worked For Billionaire On Vladimir Putin's Behalf | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Initial Thoughts...

To the large majority of comments here... Yes, this relationship from 2005 is why Trump won. It had nothing to do with Trump's policies and Hillary's corruption...

Russia Today actually covered Wikileaks a tiny bit more than the minuscule amount the MSM gave us here in these great United States. Russia had a favored candidate for sure. Just like 60 million plus informed Americans who voted in our excellent, inclusive, electoral college system that you all would like to change. No evidence the Russians were involved in the leaks or hacked the election. Plenty of evidence of treasonous leaks and vote/voter fraud all done here in country by our countrymen, but that is OK...

Russianphobes! No country is perfect, but two largely Christan nations fighting ISIS and tyrannical globalism together. The horrors!!!

But no, you hate them now because going to war with a nuclear power is a much better option. You'd have all loved them back in the day when they were Communists! That's as left-wing as it gets...

Russia wants to create American jobs I suppose and believes in American national sovereignty. You people are grossly misinformed and/or have lost your fucking minds!!!

Bill Mitchell: Trump always ends up being right. It's almost a little freaky. - The Hoax Collapses: House Intel Chair Says Trump WAS Surveilled

  1.  Donald J. Trump Retweeted
    Trump always ends up being right. It's almost a little freaky.

The narrative on the left is the people against sanctuary cities are all white racists. Lets see if that narrative stands up to scrutiny...

CNN Investigates: Is Trump Afraid of Stairs?

Let The Circus Begin: Adam Schiff Uses A Conspiracy Theory As An Opening Hearing Statement

HIGHLIGHT: Gorsuch's Greatest Comebacks! | Louder With Crowder

The Savage Nation 3/22/17 - House Intel Chair Says Trump WAS Surveilled - The Truth about the London Terror Attack

The Savage Nation 3/22/17 - House Intel Chair... by debunkerbuster

Globalism Is In It's Death Throes!

Terror Attacks Will Continue Under The Name Political Correctness

Coup Plans Discovered Inside State Dept Obama Sleeper Cells

Full Show - Breaking: Trump Vindicated Over Wiretap Claims As New Evidence Released - 03/22/2017

Roger Stone takes calls and hears from patriots across America who are standing up for liberty.

Roger Stone Demands Official Response To Accusation Of Russian Ties

Trump 'Some What' Vindicated over Nunes Intel/David Brock Suffers Heart Attack

Nunes’ Bombshell Surveillance Intel Show Deep State Ties To Shut Down Trump

RyanO-care Rejects Vets, Keeps Alien Coverage


Demand FULL Repeal of ObamaCare Now - Stop Ryancare

Petition: We the People call on Congress to repeal Obamacare, deny Ryan Care, and to accept The Obamacare Replacement Act (S. 222)

What Pisses Me Off About The London Terrorist Attack

The Truth About the London Terror Attack

Congressman: What About Podesta Putin Ties?

Maryland: Sanctuary for Rape, Murder, Gangs

FBI Goes Russian — Channels Stalin

Petition: We the People call on Congress to repeal Obamacare, deny Ryan Care, and to accept The Obamacare Replacement Act (S. 222)

Please sign this petition to repeal #Obamacare, block #Ryancare (American Health Care Act), and to support Senator #RandPaul's bill, The Obamacare Replacement Act!!! This will truly #MAGA!!

Absolute Proof of Who Actually Tampered With the 2016 Election

DNC Infomercial: Propagandist Rachel Maddow Blames Russia For David Brock's CTR Trolling


Dovetails with Wikileaks revelation that CIA can stage 'Russian' cyber hacks

Appearing on One America News Network Tuesday, Washington Free Beacon writer Adam Kredo dropped a timely reminder that fake evidence was likely planted on servers at Trump tower to make it appear that the Trump campaign was colluding with Russian entities.
“It wasn’t very well reported, the Department of Justice revealed just last week that in fact some of these ties that they had witnessed between Trump Tower servers and Russian entities in fact, were stooged,” Kredo said, discussing the FBI’s investigation and James Comey’s testimony before Congress.
“What that means is that there was malware on some of these computers that were mimicking contact between these entities, in what looks like an attempt to put Trump in a tight position, and in fact lead to claims that there was some sort of collusion.” Kredo noted.
“The more evidence that comes out, the more we are seeing that these claims were either manufactured, or like the officials said today, intelligence was released in a partial fashion, and some of that intelligence, as they said on the hill, was ‘dead wrong’. the writer added.
What Kredo is referring to is that it appears a ‘false flag’ cyber operation may have been conducted by intelligence operatives to make it appear that Trump was in contact with Russian entities, thus justifying ‘wiretapping’ communications coming from Trump tower.
As Infowars reported earlier this month, the Wikileaks ‘Vault 7’ documents revealed that this process is something that the CIA has been actively working on for some time.
A CIA project identified as “Umbrage,” maintained a substantial library of Russian cyber-attack techniques “stolen” from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.
Reports dating back to last Summer indicated that computer experts working for the US government identified what they thought was malware emanating from Russia. One destination domain,, stuck out because the conspiracy theory of Trump colluding with Russia was already being heavily floated by Hillary operatives and parroted by the mainstream media.
The malware appeared to have been connected to two Russian banks – Alfa Bank and SVB Bank, and was suggested to be proof of secretive communications, or possible illegal banking activity.
Many believe that this spurred the Obama administration to obtain FISA permission to conduct electronic surveillance, directed at ‘the Russians’ in communication with Trump tower.
In other words, there is significant evidence to suggest that the CIA could have planted information as a means of deceiving the NSA into believing Trump and Russian entities were communicating.
Even though the FBI found no evidence for any of the accusations, an investigation still appears to have been continued. The domain turned out to not even be owned by Trump.
The entire story has already been thoroughly debunked.

How The Far Left Is Teaming Up With Silicon Valley To Censor The Internet

Russia Smear Attempt To Shut Down Dissenters!


Network ignores news reports from UK media

CNN downplayed the ISIS-style Parliament attack as a “firearms incident” despite UK media reporting it as a combined knife and car attack.
The network published an article with the headline “UK police investigate ‘firearms incident’ near parliament” around 11:30AM EST.
“London’s Metropolitan Police said on Twitter they were called at approximately 2:40 pm to reports of an incident near Westminster Bridge and that it was being treated as a firearms incident,” CNN said. “TV images have emerged of a car crashed into a fence outside the Parliament building.”
CNN did admit a police officer was stabbed in the “firearms incident,” but the article was light on details.
In comparison, both the Sun and the Daily Mail said a knifeman was shot outside the UK Parliament right after he – or another suspect – mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, an attack which copies the methods used by jihadis during recent terror attacks.
And the Drudge Report had the following main headline as the CNN piece was going up:
“We heard a loud bang, lots of shouting and men running around. Someone rushed through, attacked a policeman,” a witness told The Sun. “He appeared to be carrying a knife or a gun. We then heard gunfire, five or six rounds.”
“The man approaching one of the police officers with a knife.”
As of this writing, police have not identified the suspect, although reports circulating on social media suggest the suspect was Middle Eastern.
Additionally, the two methods of the attack – a knife and a vehicle – mimick recent terror attacks in the West.
In November, a Somali refugee attacked at least nine people with a knife at Ohio State University.
“A high-ranking faculty member who spoke to NBC 4 Columbus said that one of his colleagues was in Watts Hall at the time and was slashed in the leg with a machete,” reported the Daily Mail on Nov. 28. “…The attack then got out of the car and started stabbing and slashing victims, a witness said.”
More recently, in Germany, one person was killed and three were injured by a knife-welding jihadi who shouted “Allahu Akbar” at a train station near Munich.
A similar attack happened on a train between W├╝rzburg and Treuchtlingen.
“A German official described the footage of the teenage suspect in the German train stabbings as a ‘classical farewell video’ of a suicide attacker that indicates he was inspired by ISIS,” CNN reported. “Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said the 17-year-old also left a goodbye letter saying he prayed that he could take revenge on all infidels.”
And let’s not forget the lorry attacks in Berlin and Nice, France, in which dozens of people were mowed down by jihadi drivers encouraged by ISIS to use trucks to kill “infidels.”
The Parliament is located in London, which has attracted so many Muslim migrants over the past several years that the city is now called “Londonistan.”
Even the mayor, Sadiq Khan, is a Muslim.
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WAIT, WHAT!? LIMBAUGH: CNN PRAISES 'WALL' In Special Coverage Of UK Terror Attack

LIMBAUGH: Personal Assaults On Trump In The MSM Is NEVERENDING

The Roast of Maxine Waters



Washington, D.C. – In the midst of a national financial catastrophe, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) used her position as a senior member of Congress and member of the House Financial Services Committee to prevail upon Treasury officials to meet with OneUnited Bank.  She never disclosed that her husband held stock in the bank.  This outrageous conduct has led Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) to include the congresswoman as one of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress.  Click here to read the full report on Rep. Waters.
“By contacting then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to request a meeting, allegedly for a group of minority-owned banks, but then arranging for only one bank – OneUnited, in which she had a financial interest – to attend, Rep. Waters violated House conflict of interest rules,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan.
Around the same time Rep. Waters asked the Treasury Department to hold the initial meeting, Rep. Waters spoke to Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) about OneUnited, telling him that her husband previously had served on the board.  Rep. Frank advised her to stay out of matters related to the bank. Nevertheless, Rep. Waters’ chief of staff and grandson, Mikael Moore, continued to actively assist OneUnited representatives in their quest to receive bailout funds, and worked to craft legislation authorizing Treasury to grant OneUnited’s request.
Rep. Waters was scheduled for an ethics trial on November 29, 2010, but the House Ethics Committee postponed the hearing.  Inconsistent reports have emerged suggesting both potential new evidence and serious misconduct by two of the committee’s attorneys and improper conduct by committee members. In July 2011, the committee hired respected D.C attorney Billy Martin as outside counsel to investigate both the case against Rep. Waters and the committee itself.
“The ethics committee has handled the case against Rep. Waters with the maturity of school children,” said Ms. Sloan.  “Happily, adult supervision in the form of Mr. Martin has been brought in to clean up the mess.”
This is the 7th edition of the CREW’S Most Corrupt Report, an annual look at a bipartisan collection of Washington’s worst.  This year’s list includes seven Democrats, and 12 Republicans.  Five are repeat offenders.  Since 2005, CREW has named 70 members of Congress to the list, 32 of whom are no longer in office.
Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2011

According to The Associated Press, the charges currently under the House Ethics Committee microscope “focus on whether Waters broke the rules in requesting federal help [bailout money] for a bank where her husband owned stock and had served on the board of directors.” At the time she requested the help, Waters neglected to tell Treasury officials about her financial ties to OneUnited Bank.

The Troubling Bailout of OneUnited Bank

Maxine Water's husband held stock in a bank for which she lobbied for (and the bank received) $12,000,000 in bailout funds.

As of April 2016, OneUnited Bank had NOT paid back the $12,000,000 TARP bailout money.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lou Dobbs & Newt Gingrich - Deep State Deliberate Sabotage of Trump Administration

Lou Dobbs & Newt Gingrich - Deep State... by debunkerbuster

"SOMEBODY was Spying on Trump", Sen Rand Paul confirming what President said MUST be true

House Arm Service Committee Declares Alex Jones A Russian Spy

House Arm Service Committee Declares Alex Jones A Russian Spy

FBI Declares War On The First Amendment / Says Infowars Is Under Investigation

Media Declares Rand Paul, Alex Jones, And Donald Trump To Be Russian Agents

The Deep State War Against Russia Exposed

Meet The Source Of The FBI's Anti-Trump Investigation

Roger Stone: Trump Is Facing Coup Attempt



Shocking New Study Proves Islam Is Not A 'Religion Of Peace'

FBI Says Breitbart And Infowars Are Run By Russians

The Young Turks Rebuttal: Race Baiting Stupidity | Louder With Crowder

BREAKING: Obama's Plan To Censor The Internet Revealed

Breaking: Russia / Trump Conspiracy Theory Destroyed

Gallup Refuses To Give Sampling For Trump Poll

Fake News Alert! Trump & InfoWars Accused of Espionage

Judge Pirro: 'I Have Lost All Respect for the FBI Director, Comey Disgraced & Politicized the FBI!

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What Really Happened w/Mike Rivero - Commercial Free - Tuesday (3-21-17)

Left’s new race rules: Whitey is always wrong

Alex Jones Epic Russia Rant

The Conspiracy Against President Trump - Paul Craig Roberts

March 20, 2017: Listening today to the broadcast of testimony by FBI Director Comey and National Security Agency Director Admiral Michael Rogers before the House Intelligence Committee (an oxymoron) made it clear that the Democrats, Comey, and Rogers intend conflict with Russia.

The Republicans, for the most part, were interested to know how security leaks targeted at Trump Republicans came from meetings at which only the CIA Director, NSA Director, and FBI director were present. Of course, they did not get an answer, which shows how powerless congressional oversight committees are. Comey repeatedly said that he could not tell the committee anything, because it would confirm that a press leak was true. But, he said, speaking generally and of no specific leak, most leaks come from “someone who heard something” and passes it on to the media, which also explains the inaccuracy of some leaks. In other words, don’t blame us.

The Democrats were out in force to demonize Russia, Putin, and everyone, especially Trump Republicans, who speaks to a Russian even if the person is still a private citizen, as was Gen. Flynn when he recommended to the Russian ambassador that Russia not respond in kind to President Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats over Christmas. The Democrats bestowed yet another demonic title on Putin. In addition to being “the new Hitler,” a “thug,” and a “Mafia don,” today Putin became a “tarantula in the center of the spy web.”

The Democrats’ position was that Flynn, by discouraging a Russian tit for tat, had interfered with the Obama regime’s policy of worsening relations between the US and Russia. Some Democrats saw this as treason. Others saw it as proof that Flynn and Trump are in Putin’s pocket, and still others see it as even worse. 
The Democrats were also very concerned about lobbyists, if they be Republican, working for Russian interests, including Tillerson, the Secretary of State. The fact that every country employs lobbyists and that the lobbyists don’t always register as foreign agents, such as Israel’s lobbyists, or if news reports at the time were correct, neocon Richard Perle who represented Turkey in Washington. 

Democrats were also after Gen. Flynn for saying that he had not received money from the Russian government. Flynn received a fee for attending the 10th Anniversary celebration of RT in Moscow. Is RT, a news organization, the Russian government? Its budget is supported by the Russian government, but how does this differ from the US government’s support of the budgets of National Public Radio, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Voice of America? Does this mean that everyone who gives an interview to NPR, Radio Liberty, and VOA is an American agent in the pocket of the US president? If you attend a function of one of these organizations, does it make you an “American agent/dupe”? Will there be a list of these people?

What the Democrats tried to do today was to criminalize everyone who works for better relations between the US and Russia. To be for peace between the nuclear powers is to be a Russian agent and to be put on a list. The Democrats insisted that Russia was an enemy out to get us, and the Democrats had no difficulty getting Comey and Rogers, both Obama appointees, to agree.

Comey and Rogers said that Russia was the main threat to the US, was working against our interests, and intends to harm us. Harming us includes opposing US hegemony and unilateralism. In other words, if the Russian government acts in the interests of Russia, the Russian government is harming the US. From the testimony it clearly emerged that any kind of opposition to anything Washington does is against American interests. 
Both Comey and Rogers declared, falsely, that Russia had invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea by force. If Comey and Rogers are so poorly informed that they believe this, they are unfit for office.

Crimea has been a part of Russia for 300 years. The population is almost entirely Russian. When the Soviet Union collapsed and Washington broke it apart, the Ukraine became independent for the first time in history. Crimea, which had been transferred by Khrushchev in 1954 from the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, was included in the transfer on the condition that Russia had a long term lease on the naval base in Crimea. 
When Washington’s coup overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine, the Russian populations in Crimea, and in the new republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, were attacked and threatened by the neo-nazi elements in eastern Ukraine that had fought for Hitler against the Soviet Union. The populations of these areas voted overwhelmingly to reunite with Russia, from whence they had come. The votes were fair and open. As Crimea is the Russian Navy’s Black Sea base, Crimea was already occupied by Russian forces. For Comey and Rogers to call this an “invasion” displays either ignorance or a lack of integrity.

Indeed, the lack of integrity of the FBI, NSA, CIA, and Obama regime is evidenced by the sustained campaign of lies, distortions, and targeted “news leaks,” that is, stories planted on the presstitutes by the intelligence services about Russian interference in the presidential election. It is all about protecting the massive military/security budget and powers. Trump threatened both the budget and the power when he declared that his policy would be to normalize relations with Russia. If relations are normalized, the carefully orchestrated “Russian threat” disappears. The intelligence services are not willing for this to happen. The US intelligence services prefer the risk of nuclear Armageddon to a budget cut.

The Democrats are probably not sufficiently intelligent to understand that they are fanning the flames of war between nuclear powers. The Democrats are desperate to find someone on whom to pin their loss of the election. Moreover, by pinning it on a conspiracy between Trump and Putin, they hope to remove Trump from office. Although Pence, who is a Russophobe, is acceptable to the military/security complex, the Democrats have hopes of clearing out Pence as well, as his election resulted from the alleged conspiracy, and reinstalling themselves in the White House.

Americans need to understand that the political competition between the Democrats and Republicans is over which party gets to collect the money for being the whore for the One Percent. Traditionally, the party in the White House gets most of the money, so that is where both parties want to be.

Michael Morell, a supporter of Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s last CIA director in an acting capacity, who was slated to become CIA director under Hillary, said, “On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians, there is smoke, but there is no fire, at all. There’s no little campfire, there’s no little candle, there’s no spark. And there’s a lot of people looking for it.” 
Morell does believe that it was the Russians who hacked Hillary’s incriminating emails but not in collusion with Trump, although the evidence is that they were a leak from inside the Democratic National Committee by disaffected supporters of Bernie Sanders. 

Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said on Meet the Press on March 5 that he had seen no evidence of a Putin-Trump conspiracy when he left office on January 20.

Listening to Comey and Rogers today, if they are not working against President Trump, what would classify as working against Trump? Trump supporters ask why Trump doesn’t fire these two men who are working to block a reduction in the dangerous tensions between Washington and Russia. Are the Democrats, Comey, Rogers, the CIA and their media whores so stupid that they don’t understand what it means when the President of Russia says, “the Americans have destroyed our trust in them?”
Trump doesnt fire Comey and Rogers, because he cannot fire them. If he fires them, the Democrats and presstitutes will explain the firings as proof that Trump is a Russian agent and is covering up his treason by removing those investigating it. 
Trump is trying to use Twitter to respond to the orchestrated media assault against him and to achieve some organization among his supporters, the working class that elected him. However, Trump cannot even count on the Republican Party. Most Republicans are also dependent on political contributions from the military/security complex, and Republicans know that the intelligence agencies have all the dirt on them. To fight for Trump is to expose themselves.

It is undeniable that the CIA controls the media, both in Europe and in the US. Udo Ulfkotte’s book, Gekauftge Journalisten, exposed the CIA’s hold on European journalists when it was published in Germany in 2014. An English language edition, Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News, is due out in May. In the meantime Joel Whitney’s book, Finks: How the C.I.A. Tricked the World’s Best Writers, suffices to establish that America’s most respected journalists drank the CIA’s Kool-Aid “and thought they were saving freedom” by serving as propagandists. 

People in the West need to understand that if the news they receive bears on the interests of the US military/security complex, the news is scripted by the CIA. The CIA serves its interests, not the interests of the American people or the interests of peace.

When you juxtapose Paul Craig Robert's analysis of events against the general mainstream media narrative you can quickly discover that the latter are essentially pushing Fake News about key issues concerning war and the economy.

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Bernie Sanders Continues to Shill Unproven Russian Election Involvement While Ignoring ACTUAL Fraud

Sanders continues to shill the Russia fairy tale, shield the ACTUAL fraud committed by Dem party.

Bernie Sanders has always been an establishment hack (on many issues), albeit one that has gone under the cover of being a socialist.

The Sane Progressive is woken up to the extent of the Washington corruption.

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[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, March 22nd, 2017.]

James Comey Testifies Before Congress: Quick Summary

No evidence, lots of McCarthyism at Russia influence hearings

U.S. Government Breaks Law For Non-Citizens

Ben Stein on the Travel Ban Decision, 1554

Michael Savage was target of NSA spying

No indication agency has stopped collection of personal data

Talk-radio host Michael Savage is among the public figures who were under surveillance by the National Security Agency as part of its “Project Dragnet,” according to a database revealed by an agency whistleblower.

Jerome Corsi, an investigative reporter for, told Savage on “The Savage Nation” radio show Monday that one of Savage’s email addresses was discovered in the database. said the database has evidence of spying on U.S. citizens from 2004 to 2010, but Corsi told Savage there is no indication the surveillance has stopped. obtained sections of the database from Michael Zullo, formerly the chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse, a special investigative unit in the office of Joseph Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona.It shows Donald J. Trump and Infowars founder Alex Jones also were under illegal, unauthorized government monitoring during those years.
Project Dragnet was first revealed by news reports in 2005 and further documented by the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013.
Corsi told Savage he discovered the database included some 50 entries for Donald Trump and his businesses and family members.
“They were all over Donald Trump starting in 2004, when the database starts,” he said.

The Savage Nation with Michael Savage - March 21 2017

Michael Savage was target of NSA spying via