Sunday, August 6, 2017

Black Conservative Reacts To Death Wish 2017 Movie Trailer, Is It ALT-Right? Racist? - 'DETROIT' MOVIE REVIEW: Pure SJW Propaganda!!

Bruce Willis is the star of the 2017 adaptation of the 1974 novel and movie “Death Wish.” A trailer for the film has been released and it sparked a controversial reaction on social media. Many people are labeling this film as “alt-right fan fiction” and a nod to “older white men with guns.” Some have even gone as far to call the film outright racist and dangerous to young black men. The reason for this is because it features Bruce Willis as a street vigilante of sorts after his wife was killed by home invaders. Something like Batman just without the altruism. Or maybe like John Wick with a more personal motive.

If a person wants to watch the trailer for this film and think racism, then they will. Anything can be thought of as anything that one desires with a vivid enough of an imagination. Dark can be seen as light and up can be seen as down. Full can be seen as empty. One thing that cannot be misunderstood is the fact that this movie will essentially be a remake of another movie by the same name that came out in 1974. So the arguments about dog-whistles being sent to the “ALT-right” and Donald Trump don’t seem to make sense. At that time, neither of the aforementioned were relevant at all … or at least not politically. 

A similar argument is made about video games even though the same flaws in their logic present themselves here as well, making their argument swiss cheese. Liberal journalists have written think-pieces about the upcoming “Wolfenstein” game. They say that the game is about Trump even if it’s not supposed to be. Mostly because it features Nazis. Even though you fight against the Nazis, the correlation is still made between Trump and Nazism. Maybe this is a demoralization tactic from the left. To ruin everything that conservatives enjoy. Whatever the case may be, it’s not really working, and will simply embolden us that much more.

Steven Crowder and friends provide a thorough reviews of Kathryn Bigelow's "Detroit" film in which they separate fact from fiction and Hollywood embellishment from unadulterated SJW propaganda.