Monday, April 24, 2017

4chan is Hunting Antifa

The email address to the President of Diablo Valley College is-; . I just wrote her a letter demanding his firing as a danger to students welfare and the college's future finances if government funding is withdrawn. Instead of just writing here on YT, do something to get this sonofabitch fired !!! If he stays there he will use his position to recruit more students into Antifa, put them in danger of physical harm or even death, put them in danger of a long prison sentence instead of a profitable career, and possibly attract violence to the campus of Diablo Valley College itself. Complaining or commenting here on YT does absolutely nothing, so I suggest we use the Left's tactic against THEM and barrage the President of that college with demands for his firing as a danger to students welfare, to the school's welfare, AND as a cowardly criminal. The email address is in this comment, so let's make sure Clanton has to join the unemployment line. Also report him to the FBI.