Friday, February 17, 2017

People Walk Off Jobs For The Day Without Immigrants March (REACTION)

On Thursday, February 16th 2017, a Facebook post about a “Day Without Immigrants March and Protest” went viral. Thousands of people from all over the country decided to walk off of their jobs and/or close down their businesses for one day in protest of Donald Trump’s immigration policy. While all the reported protests were largely peaceful, there were some disruptions and some people did close roads down. Which means maybe they weren’t so peaceful? Participation in the protest/march was to show how vital immigrants are to the United States, by displaying how society would function without them for one day. Most people didn’t notice, outside of a few restaurants being closed down.

The march was ultimately misguided. Donald Trump’s immigration policy has the central focus on illegal immigrants. People that did not follow the proper policy of immigration to the United States and snuck in through the back door. Some illegal immigrants have spoken to the media to plead their case. Nonviolent, hard-working, and “asset to the country” are the key things that they say in their pleas. Even if true, it does not account for the fact that being in the country illegally is … well.. Illegal. All Americans must be subject to the laws of America. So everyone else who is in the country should be as well. 

Another point that was made during the protest/march from some participants is the so-called “Muslim ban” that Donald Trump initiated. Of course it’s not a Muslim ban because you can’t ban people based on religion, and Trump only restricted travel from certain high-risk countries temporarily, but his detractors seem not to care. Many of them are fueled by the fake mainstream news media who constantly produce extremely biased stories about Donald Trump. And of course, that’s the overarching theme to the whole story. Fake and/or biased news about Trump. Being against immigration when he simply wants to crack down on illegal immigration and human trafficking just like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama before him. Banning Muslims even though he only restricted travel from certain high-risk countries temporarily.

Maybe when the people out in the picket-line party go back to their jobs, they can just take a moment to appreciate the country in which they live, if they’re here legally. If illegal, maybe they can count on ICE catching a glimpse of their face at the march. So then can get a first class ticket right back home.