Monday, February 20, 2017

Last Night in Sweden (REACTION)

During a Presidential rally on Saturday, February 18th 2017, Donald Trump made a statement something along the lines of “look at what happened, last night in Sweden.” Many people in the Fake News Industrial Complex also known as the “mainstream media” hopped on the story right away and attached spin to it. They said he insinuated that there was some type of major attack that happened on what would have been Friday night in Sweden. Even though he never mentioned the word “attack” at all. Some media outlets, such as USA Today even went as far as to publish completely false headlines. In the case of the aforementioned “publication,” their headline said Donald Trump “cites a fake attack in Sweden.” Which is totally false. A complete lie. And of course, people like Chelsea Clinton and even the former Prime Minister of Sweden jumped in on the dog pile.

But why? The answer is pretty obvious at this point. The mainstream media has sponsors and they have the responsibility to try and make money. Also to push the appropriate political narrative that their sponsors want them to push. It’s all about publishing sensational headlines to get ad revenue. To get clicks. To get attention. In the eyes of the fake journalists many of these organizations use, it could be as simple as a personal vendetta. People that work in television are human beings too, all with their own set of personal biases. However, it is inappropriate to behave in an irresponsible way when it comes to media with a broad reach and a brand of trust. Because the average person who does not understand what’s going on in politics just takes whatever they say for the gospel.

Trump was not referring to a particular incident that happened Friday night in Sweden. He was referencing a news report that came out about Sweden on Friday night from Fox News. And the context of which he was talking about Sweden was how they have been negatively impacted by allowing large numbers of “migrants” into their country. Sexual assault has exploded in Sweden. As it has in other countries in Western Europe as well. The point to bringing up Europe and their migrant crisis is to prevent it from washing up onto the shores of the United States. So now that Trump has successfully made Sweden become a hot topic of discussion, maybe more people will look into what he said. Once they see all the crime that these so-called “migrants” are into, such as “taharrush” … maybe those on the left will think twice about their open-border policy.