Thursday, September 1, 2016

If There is Support for Hillary in Pennsylvania or Ohio I Can't Find It


I travel pretty widely to rural and urban areas in Pennsylvania and Ohio. My count so far is 12 Hillary for Prison signs and/or stickers, 7 Hillary for President signs, and 1000+ Trump signs.

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Click Pics to Enlarge - Hillary for Prison Sticker in Ohio


Pennsylvania Election Day Report from

Hillary Clinton's Wikileaked Open Borders Dream Exposed in Greenville Pennsylvania

Life's a Bitch Don't Elect One! - Hillary for Prison 2016

Save America - Vote for Trump

How Trump won over bar full of undecided, Democratic voters

My polling shows him up in PA... I have yet to talk to a Hitlery supporter, not that I would...
Yep. They say Philly and surrounding suburbs is about 1/3 of the vote. If that is the case, Trump is going to dominate the of other 2/3rds and win big in the Keystone State!!!
Christine Marie I drove through Pa. a week ago, Trump signs everywhere! Not one Hillary sign. In fact, the only place I have ever seen a Hillary sign, was in a small town in Wisconsin, one house, lots of Hillary signs!

Cole's World I'm from philadelphia pa and don't know anyone voting for her. also been seeing these signs women for trump everywhere. Hopefully the dead stay home tomorrow.