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In Defense of Roger Stone

The “ban” was announced Tuesday in a statement from CNN to Media Matters, the result of a series of Stone tweets that attacked CNN commenter Ana Navarro as a “moron,” “borderline retarded,” and a “Bush stooge.” 
“Black beans and rice didn’t miss her,” Stone tweeted of the Hispanic Navarro back in October of 2011. 
Also targeted was then-CNN commenter Roland Martin, a black man.  “Who is this stupid negro Roland Martin? Buffoon or token Buffoon?,” Stone tweeted in November of 2012. Another Stone tweet addressed to Martin reads, “Who made you God, Fattass? Eat some more Popeye’s”. 
When asked about the tweets, Stone said, “I’ve done many controversial things through the years. The point I wanted to make is that these people are not qualified for those jobs.” He added: 
Ana Navarro is not qualified to opine on anything. What campaign has she ever worked on? Her only qualifications are her ties to Jeb [Bush]. She’s never run a State Assembly campaign, much less anything else. She’s brainless. Her only job is to trash Trump and pump up Jeb, and now Rubio. 
I know people at CNN. I talk to the make-up people and the associate producers, and they tell me she acts like a big star; that she’s abusive and demanding. Whether it’s a billionaire or a taxi driver, I treat everyone the same.
Stone's use of the word negro is not inherently racist like many opine. Nor is telling an overweight adversary that perhaps he is better at eating fast food than giving salient points. Whether he is right or not, his premise with these comments is that CNN is engaging in the hiring of individuals based not on the content of their qualifications, but rather on their skin tone, which if true is arguably racism.

Stone rejects the notion he is racist and has spoken out against the extremely racist philosophies espoused by members of the Bush family.

Roger Stone Responds To Geraldo’s Threat To Kick His ‘Racist A**’:
“I would remind that there was a time when public figures settled their differences with pistols at dawn. Maybe there’s something to be said for that. Bring it on, Geraldo. I’ll let you know next time I’m in the building. After all, what’s left when your shows have been cancelled and your greatest contribution to TV in recent years is losing on Celebrity Apprentice?”

Stone went on to explain how much he used to respect Geraldo. He also explained what started their feud — a tweet about Navarro and Martin being ethnic hires. “Geraldo went nuts and played the race card by calling me a racist,” Stone explained.

 And no, much like Trump, he didn’t apologize.

 “I’ve been in the real trenches of American politics for more than 40 years, while Geraldo has been visiting trenches in the hope that someone will take a shot at him while his camera’s rolling,” Stone wrote. “…If Geraldo wants to meet me at dawn, I’d be there.”
Roger Stone has written:
Whitewash of George Herbert Walker Bush
There is no mention of Bush's racist support of eugenics, Prescott Bush's financing the armament of Adolph Hitler or his ownership of a controlling interest in a steel mill in Germany that used slave labor from the Auschwitz death camp. As usual, this is not in Meachem's book.

The Bush's even paid for a vanity biography of Prescott Bush "DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY" which airbrushed his Nazi business dealings out of the picture. Author Mickey Herskowitz should be ashamed: The Feds seizing of Prescott's bank for trading with the Nazi's is not mentioned.
More info on the Bush family connections to eugenics:

Roger Stone Gets It Right: Calls Out Fake Political “Strategists”:
Roger Stone is no Twitter troll – in addition to his vast experience in advising winning political campaigns he’s also the author of four politically oriented books, including two that are relevant to the 2016 presidential campaign: The Clintons' War on Women and Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family 
And according to Alex Pfeiffer of the Daily Caller Stone generally stands by his criticism of Navarro and Martin, saying, “My problem really is the same, whether it’s Roland Martin or Ana Navarro: why do we have people who have no qualification whatsoever to opine on political matters being asked their opinion?” 
Stone continued, “Ana is a ‘Republican strategist?’ OK, what campaigns? Who are the people she’s elected? Name them. City council, county commission, governor, senator, congressman, president, anybody? And the answer is nobody.”  
“Look, I’ve admittedly done and said many controversial things. But, I’m also a veteran of nine Republican presidential campaigns, and I’ve helped elect three Republican presidents, and I have a unique perspective on the current Republican front-runner. What is her credential? Other than being a Hispanic woman, what is her credential?” said Stone.  
He believes her current role at CNN is a form of “casting,” due to her being a Hispanic woman. “She’s not their because of her intelligence. She’s not there because of her experience. She doesn’t know her ass from her elbow.”  
Which is why we find it someplace between amusing and appalling that the establishment media is apparently all too ready to blackball a real political strategist like Roger Stone, while it regularly appoints trolls like Rick Wilson and no-talents like Ana Navarro and Roland Martin as political “strategists,” when their qualifications to the title rest not on a long series of successful campaigns, but on their ability to pick a well-connected TV booking agent.
CNN did not ban Stone after his controversial comments. This lends credence to the reasons Stone gives for his being barred.

The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone... by debunkerbuster


Live Leak Article Falsely Claims Donald Trump Has Disavowed
"They even managed to get the Donald on their show but he has since then disavowed them."

False, he's since praised Alex Jones of Infowars and tweeted an interview he conducted with Roger Stone.

Were you confused because Roger Stone arranged Trump's interview with Infowars, but has since left the Trump campaign in an official capacity? Trump and Stone are all good as well.

Sunday, February 28, 2016:

Hillary Bans Trump Insider From CNN For Exposing Bill's Bastard Child...

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump #RogerStone was just banned by @CNN - their loss! Tough, loyal guy.

Published on Jan 19, 2016:


Infowars.comMARCH 24, 2016
GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on Thursday retweeted Alex Jones’ powerful impromptu interview with consumate insider Roger Stone, in which the Republican operative revealed the establishment’s plan to take Trump down.
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