Saturday, April 30, 2016

Full Show - The Attacks On Trump Double Down - 04/29/2016

On this Friday, April 29 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we report on the carnage in Orange Co., Calif., after anti-Trump protestors attacked supporters, smashed police cars, waved Mexican flags, damaged private property and nearly ran people over. Rob Dew and Josh Owens are on location giving live updates. Trump insider Roger Stone breaks down Trump’s increasing chances to take the nomination and how some in the establishment are warming up to the GOP frontrunner. Dr. Cynthia McKinney reveals what a Trump presidency could look like and how the globalists will attempt to fuel race wars in response. And Robert David Steele explains how Trump can crush Hillary by thinking way outside the box.


Donald Trump's MASSIVE Rally 31,000+ in Costa Mesa, CA (4-28-16)


African American Police Officer Talks about 'Hateful Evil' Anti-Donald Trump Protesters