Saturday, September 29, 2018

Debunking Chelsea Handler


Republican Party = white male party. They don’t care about women and they don’t care about the future. They care about the past where all white men are in power. Rape is fine. Keep minorities and women down. All white men, oh, and Ben Carson.

Per Capita, White People Are Less Likely to Commit Sexual Assault:

Yeah, in 2011, blacks committed almost 33% of forcible rapes, almost 25% of all other sex offenses other than forcible rapes & prostitution. Their percentage of the general population is less than 13%.(Higher per capita)

Whites did commit 52% of sexual assaults, with a percentage of the general population greater than 63%.(Lower per capita)

White men, sexual assault is our problem and it’s time to acknowledge it

This article it total trash – if anything, just adds to the narrative of media bias. The “facts” being used to quantify the percentage of race perpetrators are from 1997 and “whites” includes Asians and Hispanics it appears. On top of that, if you look at the percentage of american males by race, you’ll see there are less instances of assault per capita than other races. Really interested to know who approves stories like these to be posted? Who let a “videographer” think this was a good/accurate article to post? The story should be about men, not about “white men.” Articles such as these create deeper divides.

Mr. Clark-Weis’s journalism degree clearly did not provide him enough opportunities in statistics or math to overlook such a glaring flaw of his article. Simply appalling to overlook such a basic concept. I have provided a link below to CPCC’s MAT 151 course. Upon completion he should “be able to use appropriate technology to describe important characteristics of a data set, draw inferences about a population from sample data, and interpret and communicate results.”
The smallest amount of research would have led him to the realization that white people make up about 76% of the US population. If you exclude the “White, Hispanic & Latino” population, the white population is approximately 61% in the US.
I am no math expert, but this next concept is not that difficult to understand. If 57% of all sexual assault offenses were committed by a white person, then per capita, white people are actually less likely to commit a sexual assault. #maths
Also, cool source from Feb 1997, bro. Stay relevant, bro.
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