Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Young Turks get scared of a question

David Eig1 hour ago TYT is a joke & becoming less relevant as people wake up.

Derek P. Derek P.5 minutes ago A lot of the subscriptions I'm sure are just people that subscribed one day because they saw a few videos that they agreed with and ultimately never watched anymore and forget about the subscription or they don't use their account anymore/lost passwords.

Heirliberty1 hour ago (edited) The real life Young Turks revolution of the Ottoman Empire in 1908 led to the Armenian Holocaust in 1915. Cenk Uygur named his network after this revolution and CENK IS AN ARMENIAN HOLOCAUST DENIER. Ana Kasparian is Armenian. I wouldn't be surprised if Cenk purposefully hired an Armenian early on so that people wouldn't call him out on it. Ana is literally the equivalent of a Jewish person working for a network called The Nazis.