Tuesday, August 1, 2017

RUSH: Democrats Are ‘Biggest Hate Group’ in America, Have Lost Their Sanity

Popular conservative talk show host and political commentator Rush Limbaugh has been explaining the unprecedented attacks against the democratically elected president of the United States, Donald Trump, and branded the Democratic Party as a “hate group”.
During his national radio show today, Rush Limbaugh reviewed the current assault against Trump in the form of an unjustified special counsel led by long-time establishment ally Robert Mueller. Mueller, who has assembled a virtual “who’s who” of liberal donors, Democrat attorneys and even a former Clinton Foundation lawyer for his team to try and destroy President Trump’s administration. Since there has been no evidence of a crime, or even any evidence indicating collusion between Trump and Russian elements to win the election, one can only assume the special counsel has alterative motives.
Limbaugh went on to describe the Democrats as the “biggest hate group” in America, as well as the biggest hypocrites, who manage to get away with blatant dishonesty due to their alliance with the mainstream media.
RUSH: The left wing, the Democrat Party is the biggest hate group in this country right now. Not to mention the biggest bunch of hypocrites you’ll find, although hypocrisy never sticks to them. They get away with their hypocrisy left and right.
Rush Limbaugh describes how, in his opinion, the Democrat establishment’s burning hatred for Trump is causing them to lash out in the most irrational ways. Limbaugh says he suspects that elements of the anti-Trump forces have even approaching retired military leaders to convince them to support an outright coup against the president.
RUSH: So there you have it. I mean, no matter where you go with people writing about this, they are referencing it as essentially a call for a coup if Trump decides to fire Mueller. Now, Brennan appeared alongside James Clapper, who was the Director of National Intelligence for Obama. Clapper told Wolf Blitzer that they have total confidence in Mueller. “Absolutely. He was an inspired choice. They don’t come any better,” Brennan said.
Now, when you have a CIA director for Obama praising a special counsel, then you know that this idea that Mueller is this straight arrow down the middle moderate, goes both ways, is not specifically partisan. You know that’s bunk. I mean, if these people are gonna be praising the guy. Brennan also said that if Mueller is fired, I hope our elected reps will stand up and say enough is enough.
This burning hatred for Trump — and, by the way, he’s feeding it. There’s no desire, he’s feeding it with all of the tweets and all of the things he’s saying, going to the Boy Scouts. He is just in their face on this stuff every day. A lot of people are scratching their heads over what it all means and what’s going on. And none of it, none of the reaction, no polling data, none of it seems to deter Trump from what he is attempting to do here. But I mean this is pretty serious stuff when the former CIA director calls for a coup while there already is one underway, basically asking people to refuse to execute the order.
I mean, how would this silent coup…? Well, no. This wouldn’t be silent. How would this requested coup manifest itself? I mean, a coup is a takeover. It’s not just obstruction. It’s not just stopping somebody. I mean, Brennan said here, “I hope that if that order is given that whoever gets it refuses to do it.” Well, that’s not a coup, refusing to do it. A coup is moving in there and ridding the government of the guy. A coup is moving in there and taking the guy out. That’s why many coups actually occur with the military.
You need a show of force behind it — and I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t doubt… I’ve seen enough James Bond movies, and I’ve seen enough stuff to know that there are people attempting to convince military people. I think the level of panic about Trump inside the Beltway is beyond what we even think. I think the panic, the outrage, the frustration, the inability to cope… I think it is way, way, way beyond what even we think based on what we see. I think they are bordering on panic, absent any kind of rationality, because this is driven by pure, unadulterated hatred.
It’s personal hatred.
It’s professional hatred.
It’s political hatred.
The opposition to Trump is fueled by this hatred — and it’s causing them, I believe, to lose elements of their sanity. I think it’s causing them to certainly lose elements of their rationality. So I wouldn’t doubt… I have no evidence, by the way. I will openly state I’m just speculating using intelligence guided by experience that these people are so far gone over what’s happened to their precious town — to their precious power base, to their precious control of things. That I wouldn’t doubt if a couple of them are making phone calls retired generals (who still get up and put the uniform on every day even though they’re retired) and soliciting their assistance — should it ever become necessary, of course — to lead a rebellion.
Considering the great lengths that the Democrats, their media allies and establishment politicians go through on a daily basis to diminish Trump’s support with the American people, it certainly wouldn’t be a stretch to think these anti-Trump forces have reached out to elements within the military and probed their willingness to support an outright coup.
Make no mistake, we are witnessing what has often been described as a “soft-coup” against a duly elected president, Donald Trump, for the reasons of him not being part of the ruling class establishment, opposing a globalist agenda and promoting “America First” policies.
Currently, they are using the mass media, corrupt establishment politicians and liberal judges to oppose Trump’s agenda in attempt to cripple his administration. This is likely only a single prong of the anti-Trump force’s attack strategy, which is to obstruct every one of Trump’s policies regardless of how much they may benefit average working-class Americans. Another prong of their attack is in the form of the “Russian collusion” narrative and trying to either force Trump to resign out of frustration, or oust him from office through the impeachment process based on unfounded accusations with no evidence.
The final prong, and most dangerous, would be to physically remove Trump from office by force or violence if all else fails, before he can enact too many policies to roll back their globalist agenda. This is what Rush Limbaugh was referring to during his theory on the establishment reaching out to retired military leaders for support of a coup.
Fortunately for Trump, and all citizens who support his pro-America agenda, it appears he still has a strong support base that is aware of, and currently ignoring, the baseless attacks levied against him daily by the biased press. However, the anti-Trump media is working non-stop to diminish that support and chip away at Trump’s supporters.
If they ever achieve their objective of driving a wedge into the president’s voter base, the anti-Trump establishment will make their move and attempt to oust Trump from office, either legally or by force if necessary regardless of the consequences. For the Democrats are so consumed with hatred that I believe they would let the country burn to the ground, as long as they could achieve their objective of driving President Trump from Washington.




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