Wednesday, April 19, 2017

KUNTAR drives sword into the heart of Pomona College SJW's

In this video KUNTAR takes it to hateful racist and bigoted morons who wrote a letter to Claremont College President Chiram Hodash condemning Free Speech, the Enlightenment, Truth, Objectivity, and more.

These hateful cunts are trying to undermine freedom and liberty by throwing facts to the wayside and promoting a "our subjective opinions matter more than truth" narrative. More than that, they promote lies and misinformation and bully people who have opposing opinions. Not only do they irrationally hate opposing opinions, they want to gain the power to shut down those opinions because of "muh feels".

They hate discussion and an open forum of ideas because they lose when dialogue takes place. They reject facts and evidence in favor of "my subjective experience is more real than facts" and so when conversation takes place they have nothing more to offer than to slander their ideological opponents and try to usurp the power to stamp out their freedom to speak.

This is evil. It's not putting a gun to someone's head, but it is a step to empowering Government to do just that. If they can get the power over others as they desire then they will use that force to shut people up. Those that resist will have the full might of that authority turned on them. 

These people have to be confronted with better ideas. They must be ridiculed, they must be fought and they must be defeated. It's not a fight I wanted to happen. I just want to be left alone to live as I see fit, and I want other people to also live as they see fit, without their rights being violated. However these authoritarian assholes will not leave me or you alone. They are coming for our freedoms and our liberty, and they state this very clearly in their letter.

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